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Aluminium Plant

Aluminium Plant

 Pilea cadierei

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Pot Diameter: 12cm
Average Height (from floor): 25cm

These adorable little metal heads are very low maintenance and great for adding some texture to your plant styling. Raised metallic silver markings adorn their deep green leaves and a satisfying umbrella shape makes them a rival for any bouquet.

Plant Care

Position / Light:
This species requires plenty of indirect, bright light, although exposure to direct afternoon sunlight is best avoided, particularly during the summer months. Be sure to rotate regularly for even growth, as this plant will grow towards the light.

Care / Water:
It is particularly important to avoid over-watering this species as it is prone to root rot; it should only be watered once the top 3-5cm of soil is completely dry. When it's time, we recommend pulling it outside (or into the bath or shower), giving it a good drench, then leaving time for all the residual water to drain through. For this reason you should always keep this species in a pot with adequate drainage holes. This species likes it humid so will be grateful for a misting every few days.


Footed Pot - These pots have a beautifully polished, stone-like texture and provide the perfect propped-up look for your mini plants. No drainage hole.

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Customer Reviews

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Pretty little plant

Exactly what I expected. Gorgeous little plant, perfect to sit centre stage on the kitchen island.