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Monstera Deliciosa

Monstera Deliciosa

 Monstera deliciosa

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Pot Diameter: 19-20cm
Average Height (from floor): 55cm

aka: Swiss Cheese Plant / Fruit Salad Plant

An iconic indoor plant. Monstera deliciosa is an evergreen climber with large, distinctively shaped foliage. This plant has tendril-like aerial roots that are visible above the soil surface.

It's status as a household favourite stems from it's rapid growth and the excitement you'll feel every time a new leaf unfurls to show it's own unique level of fenestration; the characteristic and striking holes which are behind the alternative common name 'Swiss cheese plant'.

Plant Care

Position / Light:
Indirect bright light. This species will particularly enjoy large amounts of dappled sunlight, but avoid exposure to direct sunlight as this could burn the larger leaves, especially during summer.

Care / Water:
Monsteras are fairly low-maintenance houseplants but they do benefit from having plenty of space and sometimes require support as they grow larger (i.e. a bamboo stake). To ensure even growth, you should rotate the plant regularly. Leaves need occasional dusting with a damp cloth to help keep the pores clear and allow the plant to breathe.

The most reliable way to keep this plant suitably hydrated is to water generously whenever the top 5cm of soil becomes completely dry, allowing all residual water to drain through. For optimal growth, apply liquid fertiliser once a month during spring and summer.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Love it!

Absolutely love this plant. It’s actually bigger than I thought which is a nice bonus. Delivery was super quick and easy as well. Can’t recommend enough!

Michelle W.
Arrived beautifully!

We got it in the sandy pink pot for a friend and it was absolutely stunning! She loved it and it's now sitting in the lovely, bright sunlight on her balcony. Thanks team!