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Small Parlour Palm

Small Parlour Palm

 Chamaedorea elegans

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Pot Diameter: 12cm
Average Height (from floor): 30cm

These mini palms ooze petite paradise vibes. Bushy fronds mean this plant will add a striking splash of green to any spot in your home.

Plant Care

Position / Light:
This plant will do well in a spot with a fair amount of bright, indirect light, but will also tolerate a shadier spot. Be sure to rotate regularly for even growth, as this plant will grow towards the light.

Care / Water:
Water whenever the top 5cm of soil becomes completely dry. Avoid overwatering as this will cause root rot. It is better for this plant to cope with occasional drought than too much water. Reduce watering in the winter months when conditions are cooler. As a tropical species, this plant will enjoy regular misting to increase the humidity around its leaves.


Footed Pot - These pots have a beautifully polished, stone-like texture and provide the perfect propped-up look for your mini plants. No drainage hole.

Jute Pot - Classic coastal vibes. These pots are beautifully hand-crafted from Jute with waterproof liners to keep plants suitably watered without the mess. Suitable for indoor use only. No drainage hole.

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Fast delivery!

Plants were in very good shape looks like it was taken cared of very well, plus I am very happy that they were able to deliver it the next day!