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Spider Plant

Spider Plant

 Chlorophytum comosum picturatum

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Pot Diameter: 12cm

This retro classic is a hardy perennial that will thrive in almost any spot. A perfect fit for your avocado bathroom suite, or (if you're not that lucky) a more subtle nod to those 70s vibes.

Plant Care

Position / Light:
This species is pretty easy going so just avoid scorching sun or a particularly dingy corner.

Care / Water:
Water generously and evenly whenever the top 2-3cm of soil becomes completely dry. You'll notice the foliage turning silvery and dull if it's particularly thirsty, but should see it bounce back quite quickly after a good drink. This species likes moist soil but (as always) you need to avoid letting in sit it water. We'd therefore recommend placing it outside (or into the bath or shower), giving it a good drench, then leaving plenty of time for all the residual water to drain through. Mist regularly to avoid leaf tips browning.


Footed Pot - These pots have a beautifully polished, stone-like texture and provide the perfect propped-up look for your mini plants. No drainage hole.

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Even bigger than I expected and mine already had 4 pups! very exciting, now I have to figure out where in my house it can fit haha!