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Variegated Weeping Fig

Variegated Weeping Fig

 Ficus benjamina

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Pot Diameter: 19cm
Average Height (from floor): 55cm

A typically graceful Aussie native, this elegant evergreen is a perfect option for those who've always dreamed of living among the trees.

Plant Care

Position / Light:
Although more tolerant of low light than some, this species will appreciate plenty of indirect, bright light. A spot that gets a couple of hours of direct sunlight in the morning would be great, although any exposure to direct afternoon sunlight is best avoided, particularly during the summer months.

Care / Water:
This plant will appreciate even moisture, so water generously whenever the top 5cm of soil becomes dry. This will be more frequent in summer. When the time comes, we recommend taking it outside (or into the bath or shower), giving it a good drench, then leaving plenty of time for all the residual water to drain through. This plant will enjoy regular misting to increase the humidity around its leaves, especially when you have the heating on. If conditions get too try, you may notice leaves dropping.


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