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Wax Plant

Wax Plant

 Hoya pubicalyx

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Pot Diameter: 9cm

This is one of the few houseplants that will give you blooms...eventually! Even though she might keep you waiting a while, the good news is that this baby won't take much to keep her happy in the meantime and her high-shine and variegated foliage will give you plenty to admire while you wait!

Plant Care

Position / Light:
Low to moderate. This plant is easy-going enough to tolerate fairly low light levels, but as usual a position with a good amount of indirect light is where most indoor plants are happiest. As a vine, this plant will do well in a hanger, cascading over a shelf, or trained up a trellis.

Care / Water:
This plant is definitely one that should be kept on the drier side, with moderate watering in the summer (when the top 2-3cm of soil is dry), and low watering in the winter (when the top 5cm of soil is dry). When it's time, we recommend placing it outside (or in the sink), giving it a good drench, then leaving time for all the residual water to drain through. For this reason you should always keep this species in a pot with adequate drainage holes, i.e., place the plastic nursery pot inside any decorative pot and remove for watering. For optimal growth, apply liquid fertiliser once a month during spring and summer.


Ceramic Hangers - Made from durable stoneware, waterproof and with a stylish and strong, leather hanging cord. Nowhere to hang it? Just take the cord off and these will look just as nice perched on a shelf or windowsill. No drainage hole.

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Customer Reviews

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Beautiful little plant. I got the dot hanger and it is gorgeous, quite a bit more volume than the nursery pot so I can repot once it grows a bit. Would've liked drainage holes in the hanger though, but apart from that I'm very happy!