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Zanzibar Gem (Pick Up Only)

Zanzibar Gem (Pick Up Only)

 Zamioculcas zamiifolia

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Pot Diameter: 19cm
Average Height (from floor): 40cm

Also known as the ZZ plant, this true gem of a species is damn near indestructible. Renowned for being a plant that thrives on neglect, it’s the perfect choice for a plant novice or that friend that claims they've given up on houseplants because they always kill them...we all have one!

Plant Care

Position / Light:
Generally this species prefers plenty of indirect, bright light, it can, however tolerate lower light conditions.

Care / Water:
This species requires minimal watering, and we really mean minimal. In summer you will want to give this one a drink approximately once a month and in winter pare that back even more to only once every two-three months! When it is time for a drink, we recommend taking it outside (or into the bath or shower), giving it a good drench, then leaving plenty of time for all the residual water to drain through.


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