🌸 Spring is in the Air 🌸

Whether you're a garden green thumb or an indoor plant person, spring is the season we all look forward to right? Something about knowing you’ve made it through those tough cold months and seeing all the signs of fresh new growth on your beloved plants is sure to brighten your mood.

So with Spring in full swing, here are some of our top tips and suggested jobs to make the most of the bumper season.

In the garden...

Summer gardens start now! If you have a sheltered spot (a sunny windowsill, kitchen bench, greenhouse if you’re really lucky, even an indoor greenhouse counts *wink*), you can start sowing seeds for your summer veg garden now. Germinating seeds now will give you plenty of time to prick them out, harden them off and get them just mature enough for planting directly into their forever spot in the veg patch at exactly the right time in the season. You can also begin preparing your garden beds now. Dig them over, add compost and rockdust (this one from Munash is an actually miracle maker), and make sure they are free of weeds and ready for their new inhabitants.

Dust off that watering can remembering that as the temperature rises it's a good idea to water earlier in the day so the water has time to penetrate the soil before evaporating.

Spring in the Garden


Take cuttings from your favourite plants now and you could have them rooted and potted up into a cute decorative planter in time to give as beautiful holiday gifts! One of the easiest indoor plants to multiply is Pothos; I simply take a pair of clean, sharp snips or scissors and trim off a section of vine with multiple leaf nodes (where a leaf emerges from a section of stem, often visible by a little notch on the stem) and cut them into individual pieces, one node per piece. Coat the wound where you’ve made the cut with some rooting powder and then simply place the cutting into a container of water, some dampened spagnum moss or some damp potting mix. Use a propagation plate if you need extra support or just want your cutting to be cute AF while you patiently wait for them to grow roots. Place in a sunny spot, keep them hydrated and watch out for roots!


Inside or out, now is also the perfect time to repot any plants that are getting too large for their existing pot, or just need an injection of fresh nutrient-rich growing medium. Self-watering pots are a great option to get your plants through the warmer months, and with the warmer weather it’s time to begin using a liquid fertiliser again to really get the most out of the growing season.

Happy growing,

Jami - BB x

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