FAQs //

Do you deliver to me?

We deliver plants to Inner-Melbourne (click here to view postcodes) and most non-living things Australia-wide via Australia Post.

Do you have a store or offer pick up?

At the moment we are online only and so unable to offer click and collect, sorry! If you have a specific issue which means our standard delivery service won't work for you, please reach out and we'll always see if we can come up with a solution.

What time will my plant delivery arrive?

Your plant delivery will arrive on the day you select in your cart and is listed in your confirmation email. In terms of a time...it's very hard to say, sorry! We plot a delivery route in the morning and you will get a notification that your order is out for delivery. In normal times the bulk of deliveries are completed in the morning (8.30am-12pm), but at busy times it could be as late as 5pm! Please feel free to reach out if you have any issues.

How long will my shipped item take to arrive?

Shipped items will be dispatched next business day via AusPost. We usually suggest Parcel Post will take 3-5 days and Express Post 1-3 days, but this can be quicker or slower depending on whether your address is metro or regional.

How will my plant arrive?

We always supply our plants in nursery pots. If you add a decorative pot then the nursery pot will be placed inside so that it can be removed for easy watering. Trust us, unless you're an extremely competent plant parent this is the best way to keep your plant happy...drainage is everything!

Do I need to water my plant right away?

No! When you receive your plant it will have just been watered. So depending on the species and season it won't need watering for anything from a few days up to a few weeks! Check the relevant plant care page for more information.

Will my delivery include any paperwork?

No. We never include any paperwork other than a gift card and a business card. So if you're sending something to someone else please make sure you add a gift message if you want them to know who it's from! Your confirmation email should be considered proof of purchase, but please just let us know if you require a separate tax invoice. 

Will my order be gift wrapped?

Gift wrapping is something we've always been on the fence about. Whilst we agree it can be a really nice touch, we also hate waste and like to think our gifts speak for themselves! Expect a jute string bow or ribbon, handwritten gift cards, and the odd bit of kraft/tissue paper where required. We like to think we get the balance just right, but please feel free to reach out if you have any special requests :)