About Us //

Backyard Botanist is Jami, Matt & Quinn (the Greatest Dane).

Jami grew up on the Isle of Wight under the strong influence of a Grandma with a green thumb. After a few years trying to find her true passion, she realised it had been there all along and found herself in Melbourne studying for a Bachelor of Science (majoring in Botany). A few more years on and Jami has worked in a variety of Ecological and Horticultural roles, but the draw of a more personal connection with nature, and the opportunity to bring that into homes and lives—with plants as part of the family—has never gone away.

Matt studied music and likes building websites because he can finish them, unlike songs.

Starting Backyard Botanist is something we'd dreamed of doing for a long time, so when life gave us 2020, we made lockdown lemonade.

We enjoy filling our home with beautiful plants and making the people that are important to us feel special. We'd love to help you do the same.